Foamy Stuff To Know


How Cool is a Foam Party?

We arrive at your house, church, school, business or venue and fill up a designated area with fluffy foam. It can pile up as high as Five or Six feet, lower for little kids, creating a fantasy wonderland every child goes crazy for!


We make it a special event/ party for you with music, beach balls, and the attended professional grade foam cannon, along with set up and clean up.


Is the foam slippery?

Surprisingly, the Foam does not make the ground very slippery at all. It’s mostly dense bubbles with minimal water and Foam solution added.

Surfaces can make a bit of a difference of course. Concrete, asphalt and rubber are best, while grass lawns can get a little more slick. We don’t recommend dirt surfaces because of obvious reasons. 

How wet will the kids get and should they wear bathing suits?

It’s not as wet as you would think, but we do recommend swimwear during warm days, and street clothes for cooler weather.

It’s more a damp feeling, but some kids definitely get as wet as possible of course!

An Inclusive Event

Not only is FoamnFun an inclusive activity, it is also a Certified Autism Resource.

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain before or after is not a problem, when raining though, rain is the sworn enemy of foam. 

If your event is rained out we'll work with you on a rain date.



Playgrounds, parking lots, driveways, and backyards all work well. We fill an area up to 50x50 feet.

(You want a Safe area to fill with foam that has minimal ground obstructions.)


You supply Kiddos and adults ready to get foamy and have fun. Swim attire/streetclothes are reccomended, and a towel for each is helpful. If your kids wear goggles when they swim, they will want them for foam also.


Set Up is Easy

We'll plan to arrive 30 -45 minutes before Foam time to set up.

We just need access to an outdoor faucet and electric outlet within 100 feet.



We hose down the area before we leave. Some folks choose to enjoy the foam after we leave and then rinse it down.


The foam solution is safe, and made from a soap ingredient base with Cocunut oil, plus water.

You've heard the old saying!

Please be sure and mention to little kids who think it looks like snow, not to eat the foam, as they will literally get their mouth washed out with soap.